References should be issued in Latin alphabet characters according to Modern Language Association (MLA) standards.

Correct design of References (the list of used literature on these standards) is a necessary aspect in the preparation of the manuscript of the article submitted to the Bulletin. The optimal number of quoted works in the author's articles is up to 20 sources. It is desirable to quote the original works published during the last 5-7 years in domestic and foreign periodical scientific publications, as well as highly cited sources contained in Scopus, Web of Science and other scientometric databases recognized by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. The list of literature does not include unpublished works.

If possible, additional information can be provided on articles that have a DOI number, etc., references to which must be verifiable.

Each source should be placed with a new line under the sequence number, which is indicated in the text of the article in arabic numerals in square brackets with the source page if it has those. In the list of used sources, they are listed in alphabetical order.

It is important that sources in Ukrainian, Russian and other languages using Cyrillic characters must be necessarily translated. Transliteration can be done automatically at

If you used a translation of an article, it is better to reference the original publication.

The author is responsible for the correctness of the data listed in the list of used literature.